Christopher L. Good

 Clearance: Secret Active, TS SCI/SBI Inactive

 22Oct2001 – Present       AAI Corporation, Unmanned Aerial Systems Division                                   Hunt Valley, MD

Sep 1997 – Jun 2001        Air Force Information Warfare Center, Detachment 1                               Fort Meade, MD

Jul 1993 – Aug 1997      Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3                                                  Las Vegas, NV

Feb 1990 – Jun 1993    Foreign Technology Division (National Air Intelligence Center)                 Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

Sep 1989 – Jan 1990     Communications/Computer Officer Training Course                                Keesler AFB, MS

Jun 1989 – Aug 1989    United States Air Force Academy                                                                    Colorado Springs, CO

Jul 1985 – May 1989    United States Air Force Academy                                                                     Colorado Springs, CO

Programming languages / computer systems: ADA, Fortran 66/77/90, C/C++, Pascal, BASIC, PL1, UNIX Bourne, C, and K shell scripts, html, cgi scripting / IBM mainframes, VAX (DEC) mainframes & minis, SGI mainframes & workstations, SUN workstations, PC desktops. Fortran/ADA/C/Pascal/BASIC developmental environments on IBM/PC/VAX/SGI/SUN computers. 

Additional education: Candidate for Master’s of Mechanical Engineering with 2 classes left, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV.  Master's study track is Dynamic Systems and Controls Options and my master's project is a 16 foot wingspan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).  The UAV project consists of airframe and airfoil design and construction, flight computer design and integration, flight sensor hardware design and construction, flight sensor to computer design and interface, and flight and ground software development.

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