R/C Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Plans

Below are thumbnails of the full size plans for the SR-71 Blackbird.  These plans were drawn by Ralph Saldivar of Modesto, California.  I have received a lot of requests for plans, or a point of contact to get plans.    I have tried to find a location to pass on to people, but have been unable to find any references for these plans on the net or in RC Modeler, Model Aviation, etc.  I received these plans second hand from a friend who had received them second hand from someone else...  If anyone has contact information for the originator of these plans, please let me know.

[16May04 Update] David Ross at www.rosshobbies.com sold the plans for several years, so I took these plans off my website for download.   His website has disappeared off the Internet, so I am again placing these on-line for download.

These plans are 60" wide and 35" high.  I took high-res pictures with my digital camera, joined them together, and cropped the images carefully at the plan edges.  Each full size image is 3000 pixels wide and 1750 pixels high.  If you want to build a 1/12 scale version, 102" long, print out the images at 50 dots per inch (dpi):  3000 dots / 50 dpi = 60", 1750 dots / 50 dpi = 35".  The grids on each image are 10" wide (500 dots) and 7" tall (350 dots).  You may split up each big image into the individual sections, one section per single sheet (8.5 X 11) of paper, landscape, 10" x 7" print size.  The file size of each image is next to the sheet title.  If you want to build a half size (1/24 scale) version, print out the plans so they are 35" wide and 17.5" high.  Other scales may be constructed by printing at the approriate size.  If you do not have a good image manipulation program, try Paint Shop Pro, available at: http://www.download.com/   More complete info on the construction of my Blackbird can be found at my main Blackbird page.  Click on the image or title to download the full size image.

Sheet 1 (top view of left wing and nacelle) 698KB

Sheet 2 (side view of nacelle and vertical stab) 499KB

Sheet 3 (top and side view of nose)  522KB

Sheet 4 (front view)  736KB

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